Baconator Sad

Hmm ...

Dear Fat Cat,

I love you, but meowing loudly when I am doing my business in the bathroom and drawing attention to me all so I will maybe put toilet paper underneath the door for you to play with? Not cool.

Love, Jess
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Writer's Block: Left Behind

What do you want done with your body after you die?
Even though I get nervous not being able to breathe under the water, I think I'd like part of my ashes here. Ultimately, though, I don't really care. It's up to my family and my partner and my future kids ... wherever they want me and whatever they want done with me. Whatever brings them peace is what matters to me.
Baconator Sad


Sundae has been missing for two days now ... can't find him anywhere. Have called all the shelters and vets. Going to animal control tomorrow.

I posted an ad on Craig's List, and this morning some Nevada number called me ... they'd gotten my number from the Craig's List ad and were offering their services because they were sure they could find him. Sorry ... but if he's not coming to me when I call, he's not coming to someone he doesn't know. He's terrified of everything and everyone.


Come back, buddy. I miss you.
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Any of my ATL friends need a kitchen table with four chairs or a queen-sized mattress and box spring?
Ethel and the Fish

Dear PetsMart

No, I do not want Ethel groomed again -- it is not summer. And no, I definitely don't want to bring her to your PetsMart because last time she was there she got fleas. And it took two hours longer than you said it would and so I missed the first ten minutes of the season premiere of The Office. And you pronounce her name "Ee-thel." Think Mertz's from I Love Lucy, then you have it right.

Please stop calling. I know we've had this conversation before, but for some reason, my name is not taken off your list and I've asked you nicely at least twice before.

Next time, Ethel gets groomed at the vet.
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WTF are these called (the mermaid lights, not the guy)? Anyone with amazing google-fu? I need this product! Or at least my dad would like to get it for my mom. :-)

And yes, Kimmy K., it was stolen from a picture where you were tagged in some album. So you should go hunt that thing down and find out where I can get it! Or something ...