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Jessica Rae

Jessica Rae Sonday
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My name is Jess and I'm a thunderstormaholic. I'm also a tivoaholic and a dogaholic. Sometimes I'm a sleeposaurus.

I live in Atlanta and work in radio at The Weather Channel. I hardly ever know the weather for the ATL, but I can pretty much tell you the forecast for Phoenix, San Jose, and any other random city you can name. I love thunderstorms, and am psyched to be back east of the Cascades where they actually exist.

I have one yellow dog who is absolutely perfect, one orange and white cat who is amazing at meowing, and a half-Siamese baby girl! House and The Office are the TV shows I cannot miss. I work strange hours and that's why my Tivo really is my best friend. I thrive on pizza rolls, good beer, cheese, and caesar salads. I also love playing Monopoly.